Monday, October 31, 2005

I never knew I had a fascination with pancake syrup before

All those years of dreading that I would forget it was the weekend to turn back the clocks finally paid off. I looked it up and wrote it in my planner so we wouldn't forget to Fall Back, but alas, we greeted our Sunday morning an hour earlier than necessary.

Luckily, Dr. J realized this about 20 minutes after we woke up (don't ask me how) so he suggested we go get breakfast at this place near our church that always has crowds of people waiting outside of it, The Original Pancake House.

Ladies and gentlemen, The Original Pancake House did not disappoint. I suggest you find one near you, or if you ever decide to come and see us, remind us to take you there.

It took me a full 15 minutes to select which variety of pancakes to go with, torn between the blueberry, the banana nut, the georgia pecan, the classic dollar pancakes, not to mention the succulent variety of waffles ... but who knew it would be the syrup that would utlimately cause me to forget my surroundings and lick my plate clean in public. We'll be back, TOPH.

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