Friday, October 21, 2005

Homecoming: Cocktoberfest

The worst part is I didn't even have to make that up.

I just found out that Homecoming has been going on this week at USC. And with no time to spare because apparently the parade starts at 4 pm. To top it off, my boss just walked in here and said that he and his family can't make it to the game tomorrow and handed us 4 tickets*. So this should be a very different weekend for us. Beats the crying fit I had in Bed, Bath and Beyond yesterday because I couldn't decide which window treatments would work best for the house. Sure, it may have had more to do that I don't have a SINGLE FRIEND in town to help me decide, but it didn't make my public breakdown any less ridiculous. Oh and if you know 2 people who love the Gamecocks, we've got a pair of tickets with their name on them.

*Dr. J's ticket request for 2 seats to one very insignificant game this year was rejected by the athletic department. You aren't even permitted to apply for tickets until you have completed a year with the university.


Anonymous said...

I think I had that same crying fit in San Diego when I was shopping for a rehearsal dinner dress and didn't have any friends to shop with me...It does get better with time. I wish we lived in the same place and we could do home decorating together!


Susie the Bear said...

Oh, you poor thing! Feel free to send me links to home decorating items (or anything else) that you want opinions on!

P.S. - At least you have never cried in your cubicle for the whole office to hear. THAT is embarrassing.

Hachie Gal said...

trust me, I DO KNOW what you are going through. I feel the same way at least 3-4 weeks in Dusseldorf, Germany. People tell me to hang in there and the connections will get made, but that does not make it any easier while you are in the midst of it all. And yes, I have my own fair share of meltdowns....I am with you in spirit.

Hachie Gal said...

and how was homecoming?