Monday, October 10, 2005

No baseball in SC

I've complained to a few friends already, but Dr. J and I are very sad because there is no baseball here. And by no baseball, I mean they don't even really talk about it on the news. Now that it's into the playoffs, we'll get a little blurb every now and then, but something along the lines of "a team with a red bird on their jersey played a couple days ago and beat these other guys ... that and there are some other teams still playing ... mmmm ... let's go get us some nachos". And the closest baseball team to here is the Braves who had a very sad, sad day yesterday, so you'd think they'd at least follow them around here, but no. Pretty much everyone watches Gamecock Football and not much else (by watch, I mean is OBSESSED with) and their year sucks worse than the Ags, so that's no fun either. Anyway, so for having gotten caught up in all the Cardinal Hype the last couple of years, it's very sad to know that's all going on without me. And that I can't even watch much of it on T.V. (no cable just yet)

Anyway, so in trying to see the silver lining, I've decided that my leaving St. Louis might help the Cardinal's since I've altered their karma ... you can't explain these things, you can merely point them out ... and maybe this time they'll have a better showing in the Series.

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Hachie Gal said...

not even minor league baseball...that can be really fun, believe it or not....