Monday, May 23, 2005

Pepper, fishing and flooding

It’s true love. Despite what you may or may not misconceive about South American food, the only spices they use are salt and garlic. My salads, eggs and some other choice foods long for some cracked pepper. However, yesterday Dr. J’s mom bought some pepper at the store for me. I’m so going to marry that lady’s son.

Sadly, yesterday was the only day it hasn’t rained in quite a while, providing us ample time to make a day trip for fishing. I (along with Dr. J’s sisters and mother) was really dreading this, mostly because I’m not that thrilled with fishing all together, although sometimes it can be relaxing … you know, out in the woods, no one really talking, the calming waves from the water. It wasn’t quite like imagined though, we actually went to a sort of … how do you say … a fishing theme park. Complete with a miniature little water park for the kiddos, there were four small, stocked ponds (and by ponds I mean half the size of the one you just pictured in your head) surrounded by “stations” with a bench and an overhand for shade and two small pedestals to rest your bamboo fishing rod while you wait for the fish to nibble. After you caught your share of marine life, there was someone standing nearby to take it to the kitchen and prepare it for you along with a few delectable side items. Laborious, it was not. And no, I’m not kidding about the bamboo fishing rod. You really can’t complain about anything here, because as odd as the whole process was, the scenery is without a doubt, breathtaking.

With the rains this morning, we are on the brink of flooding over here. Soon you are all going to be able to sit around after work and watch the flood waters rise on CNN – I think you should have to throw back a shot of Jack every time you see a blonde girl fleeing the city with all the locals. Game ends when I’m positively identified.


Laura said...

What,you didn't pack a personal flotation device?

Anonymous said...

you are positively hilarious!!! i love it and it's the highlight of my boring day to see if you have posted =) can you check e-mail? i can e-mail you more frequently and tell you about my life, since i'm sure you care =) don't get washed away!!