Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Chao! (yes, that's how you spell it in Spanish)

Although I had my day of laziness I have been mostly all consumed by social engagements and playdates that have had me running around like I've just been shocked by a 400 Volt gun. This week has flown by. I did go to a Ranger's game last night with my brother and his fiance. We were on the 8th row right behind 3rd base. Awesome seats. However, people in Texas really don't watch baseball - they just go for the nachos and beer. I remembered how when I moved to St. Louis I was surprised by how focused people were on the game. Then last night, I couldn't believe that no one would let me watch the game. It took me a while last night to get back into social mode ... show up half way through the 2nd inning ... get your beer on the way in ... I didn't even look to see who we were playing until the 7th inning stretch! I did win the dot game though - go Blue!!

Let none of you doubt my friend's abilities to powerhouse out a kareoke of Bobby McGee at her own wedding reception. Truly, it was a site. Some of you will have the pleasure of seeing an encore performance at my own reception in two months. Feel free to anticipate, she will not disappoint. I would post a picture except that I can't find my camera and the essence would be lost in a still photo anyway. Maybe I'll make a flip book.

I leave tomorrow. I spent 4 hours packing yesterday and still have miscellaneous things that need to be taken care of before my 11 a.m. departure. I think I'll end up giving myself a Spanish crash course (la leccion) on the plane (el avion) so I can get through customs with little effort. Yesterday I was informed that this weekend I am going on my first trip-within-the-trip, so I will be in Cali for 2 days, and then to Popayan for the weekend. For those of you that are counting, this will be my 7th home in the last 6 weeks. And yes, I am counting.

Wish me well, see you on the other side!


Anonymous said...

Adios, Missy! We'll miss you (already do!). Keep up the posts whenever possible! :)


Anonymous said...

I chose anonymous poster but really i'm too lazy to make a username. but good luck y ojalo que tengas divertida!!!! buena suerte!

Anonymous said...

oh, and i forgot to say that the previous anonymous blogger was kristi m. =)

Anonymous said...
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