Monday, May 16, 2005

Do I have a treat for all you coconut lovers!

Yesterday on the way to the club (and I did take pictures – some turned out good so I’ll work on posting them later), Dr. J’s father made a lurch to the right and we found ourselves staring at a sign that read, “Coco Hielo” … I think. That’s what we had anyway and all I can say is DELICIOSO!

Get yourself some shredded coconut (I’m thinking that this was unsweetened coconut, the sweetened kind would work, although it might be too sweet) and mix it with sweetened condensed milk and freeze it. Just enough to make the coconut stick together well. It’s “coconut ice” and it’s 95% coconut, 5% sweetened condensed milk – my portions may be off, it’d take some experimenting and make it to your taste. They made it in small glasses with a Popsicle stick in it, but you could do the same thing in an ice tray with toothpicks and have slightly smaller portions. It’s more of a food, than a Popsicle, just to give you an idea of the desired outcome.

Complete heaven.


Anonymous said...

Is it a slushy consistency or solid? Sounds yummy to me, and I don't like shredded coconut! (I do, however, like the taste of coconut.)


Susie the Bear said...

Coconut. Blick. (I'm ba-aack.)

Missy said...

Very solid consistency. It melts quickly, but it´s really just enough condensed milk to hold it together well. Mostly coconut.

And I had the name wrong. It´s coco helado.