Saturday, May 14, 2005

La Galeria

This is not a fancy mall, and I am furious with myself for not taking my camera. We’ll go again and I will definitely take photos. Since it was raining, it probably wasn’t he most photogenic morning anyway. Actually, I haven’t remembered to take my camera with me anywhere yet.

So, what, you ask, is la galleria? Simply, it is a fruit market. However, think of it more as a gypsy carnival where the gypsies are all 5 feet tall and speak Spanish. The U.S. has so very few types of fruit compared to the rest of the world. It is very sad. It makes me appreciate how little Dr. J complains about the things he misses. If I grew up with all this fruit and then it was taken away from me, the world would know. There is a lot I can learn from Dr. J.

They never snack here (this is why they are SO very thin compared to us) so I suppose I have to wait for dinner or breakfast to try some of the luscious goodies from this morning. I think we bought 10 kinds of fruit and none of them were strawberries or apples or oranges. Many of them are to make juice. I introduced Karo to Juice a couple days before I left town, but for any of you that have never experienced South American juice – it is a MUST. Some of the juices are made in water and some are made in milk, but they are all thick and incredibly rich in flavor, very different than the juice we have. And people drink them with every meal, not just breakfast. However, no one really drinks water here and they all look at me like I’m nuts when I inhale as little as 4 oz at a time. I really don’t understand how they are not all completely dehydrated. Maybe they are, and it’s in the form of slender bodies and large breasts. I mock because I am jealous.

And the fruit is oh so cheap! We bought TWELVE of something green and juicy-like and it cost $0.50. FIFTY CENTS. Maybe a little less. Oh yeah, and the gypsy at that stand threw in an extra so I guess we got a baker’s dozen of fruta for like $0.45.

So next time, I promise to take pictures and I will definitely take pics of the fruit we bought and juice ... We’ll see.

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Dr. J. said...

Mmmm ... la galeria ... the best is when you go 5 a.m. on Saturdays and you find fresh meet and tons of more stuff than in a normal day. What galeria did you guys went to? (There is one in Jamundi and like 3 or 4 in Cali) Do you remember the names of the fruits?

Dr. J.