Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Just because you aren’t sweating through your clothes doesn’t mean it’s sweater time

It’s technically winter here, and by technically, I mean that it’s raining a lot. For those of you that are geographically challenged, we are practically sitting on the equator here, so no seasons. Anyway, we had about 3 dry days and it’s rained almost every day since. Sometimes at night but really, it has rained quite a bit.

Making it very humid. But not cold. Overcast. But not cold. It was about 85 degrees this morning cooler than last week, or maybe the same, but overcast so it felt … What’s the word … not cooler … umm … less hot. So I got up and got dressed and put on a tank top and some jeans for school and Dr. J’s mom walks in and tells me I’m going to freeze to death. As if this is possible on the equator. For a moment though, I thought to myself, did it turn cold during the night, then I remembered, no my window is open and I’m on the brink of perspiration now, so I should be fine.

As I walk through the entrance to school though, I notice that everyone is wearing sweatshirts or pullovers.

Did you hear me people? SWEATSHIRTS. And it’s in the mid 80 degrees with about 155% humidity. I took pictures just to prove it, I really have to figure out when a good time for uploading pics is, because I can’t keep these to myself. Too much.


Susie the Bear said...

DG used to always wear about 20 layers of clothing in the winter, including a sweater AND a fleece, even when he was inside. He told me on Saturday that he might end up moving to Chicago. I think he might die.

Anonymous said...

I knew there were people like me somewhere.

Missy said...

who are you, ye of the anonymous postings?

DG will die of death for certain.

Holly Y said...

The same thing happened in Taipei...people are bundled up in the wintertime like it is the North Pole, and yet it is only degrees. I guess it is all relative....

Anonymous said...

DG has survived St. Louis because of three reasons:
Jesus has been kind to him.
Full blast heaters in cars, making the inside temperature a comfortable 105 degrees.
Gas bills that have reached $200.

But here is the reality of the whole clothing thing: We own sweters because, every once in a while, we do go to cold places. But then, in a regular basis, we wouldn't get to wear these pieces of clothing cuz it's just not cold enough. So everytime it gets "less hot", it is the perfect excuse to wear what we probably spent a fortune on. DG.