Sunday, February 28, 2010

Tough Luck Ladies! He's taken.

This weekend, in doing the final preparations to get the house on the market, I asked Dr. J to find something to do with all the random rods and metal scraps that had found their way to the bottom of the office closet. This closet holds pretty random stuff; games, potting soil, folding chairs, pet supplies, vacuum, and of course those random bits of scrap metal. After much trauma to his psyche, Dr. J disposed of the random bits of scrap metal ... we went through a short marital argument that if you can't remember why we have them, we aren't putting them in to storage, etc.

I went on to stage the house, placing decor and tidying and cleaning. At the end of the day, I went to put something up in the closet and noticed that Dr. J had "staged" the office closet as well.


The idea behind staging is to show the future owners how they could use the space, what they could place where. Clearly we are demonstrating that they, too, could use this as a vacuum / miniature tripod closet. Enough space, in fact, to keep their tripod open in case they have an emergency photo op.

I hope there is enough room at the next house for a Tripod Closet.

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Mara said...

this makes me happy