Sunday, February 14, 2010

Spreading the love

Anyone that know me well knows that I hate things that are sappy and ridiculously sentimental. In spite of this, I have agreed to go and see Dear John with friends in a couple weeks. With any luck, the reviews will be so bad that the theater manager will pull it and the producer will burn all the reels over a glass of red wine.

Just kidding Shelley, I'm sure it's perfection.

And today I spent most of the day by myself and it really was a nice day. I'm finally feeling better and I watched a
movie on the couch. In spite of myself, I was feeling nostalgic and wanted to blog some very sappy ode to my friends. I think this would be the hormonal equivalent of drunk dialing, I'm sure to regret that in a new light. People might start giving me Nicholas sparks book recommendations and the like.

In any case, I hope that everyone is lucky enough to have a friend that mispronounces half of the English language. It keeps things very fun and interesting and makes me feel like I have a sufficient vocabulary.

And this isn't Dr. J either. He mispronounces things in several languages.


Rachel said...

If you haven't read Message In a Bottle, you can borrow mine.

Missy said...

You're the best Rach. (sniffling and holding back tears). Ifi forget to give you a bear hug the next time I see you I won't be able to live with myself.

Off to go teach children some racial slurs!!

Shelley and Barret said...

LOL!! You are too funny! Your hormones may get the best of you and you may just shed a tear.