Sunday, February 28, 2010

Ricky and Lucy

The long awaited sonogram photos from last week:

This photo shows the baby on the right (head is to the left, big tummy on the right, blob underneath). Now that the Septum has been located, doc says that the baby on the left will stay on the left and the baby on the right will stay on the right. To the happiness of my friend who has been dying for me to name the embryos, they are now referred to as Ricky (right) and Lucy (left). Pea, popcorn, bean, etc, just weren't really us. Ricky and Lucy are much more tasteful.

I can definitely feel them now. The Ricardos seem to take turns poking and prodding. In these photos, Ricky is sitting on top of Lucy's butt (and is waiving ... apparently it's pretty awesome to be the topmost embryo). Apparently they can switch the up/down, but not the left right. And so goes the first sibling rivalry. Although I'm not sure whether it's more desirable to be up or down.

Anyway, Lucy is laying underneath Ricky's butt in this photo. Lucy isn't waiving and this profile isn't as clear, but Lucy was still very jumpy during the photo shoot.

Dr. J had some difficulty with the scanner at his work, so this took longer than intended. Sorry mom. And Dad and everyone else that's been "patient".

One more week and we'll find out the gender(s)!! Ricky and Lucy will remain their reference until they get official names, which we haven't worked on yet ... so it'll probably be a while.

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