Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Septum

Ok so I teach high school, so I can't resist.

A Septum is a ...
a. part of a toilet that "stores" your solid excretions (also something my father fell into when he was a lad)
b. a line of tissue that separates the food supply of multiples in utero
c. a portable tranquilizer that can be used in cases of extreme nausea (e.g., an overrated writer with a tendency towards the "extreme true-life and therefore sad" romance makes a movie)
d. a phrase heard in the country when choosing all but one boy (get it? everyone 'cept him??)

Too much fun. You should see my physics test from today.

The correct answer is B! This was much case for concern as of late because the doctors could not find the Septum at our last visit. Yesterday we had a 16 week sonogram specifically to look for it and there is was! Right down the middle. Hooray!! The babies looked like they were out at recess, all flipping around for the cameras and whatnot. I have some very cool photographs that has a great profile shot and perfect little hands to boot, perhaps my baby daddy will remember to scan them tomorrow.

4 Days to Dear John. Peace!


Rachel said...

Very excited for the septum...I wish they did make a septum like the one you described in choice C...Nausea sucks.

Loved your thankful 10 list!

Anonymous said...

Yay! Great news!