Monday, November 14, 2005

Next Wednesday

I haven't been posting pictures on the house much because, to be honest, not much is happening there. Dr. J and I are preparing, but no one else seems to be. We are supposed to close in 10 days and the To Do List includes:

- Complete kitchen cabinets
- Paint kitchen cabinets
- Put hardwood floors in the entire house minus two rooms
- Put carpeting in those remaining two rooms
- Paint the walls (one coat is on ... but very blotchy, desperate need of multiple coatings)
- Install all light fixtures
- Install appliances
- Touch up all the little places you beat to death while trapesing in and out
- Anything else that's not obvious to your average lay-person.

Let's see a show of hands that thinks we'll be going to see the new John Cusack movie on the 23rd instead of closing. There's really not much we can do about it, so I'm preparing a Thanksgiving Grocery List and wrapping up my Christmas shopping. We did, however, buy a washer and dryer this past weekend. Refrigerator is next on the list.

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Hachie Gal said...

oh yea, you'll be seeing that movie.