Wednesday, November 16, 2005

How to put a damper on a good time

This weekend, here in mini-bottle land, is the big Clemson-USC rivalry game. Haven't heard of it before? Me neither!

Which is why I feel like such a putz when everyone from my 6th graders to the guy checking my groceries at the store asks me if I'm a Carolina fan!?!? Even if I lie, it's hard to get anything more than a halfhearted "sure" out of my mouth. I mostly want to talk about the fact that the new Harry Potter movie is being released on Friday and FOR ONCE this town doesn't have to wait for the wide release (still no word on when Pride and Prejudice hits theaters here). Anyhoo, so half the time I just confess I'm not from here, and if they are really nice they might ask where I'm from, to which they really have no reply to since most of them have never been west of Atlanta. No offense, little confederate flag bearers, but you haven't. Anyway, so I'm a conversation killer. You just can't fake school spirit like that.

Clearly, UT sucks and I'm all over that bandwagon. =)
(that's for you Karo - I know how much you love it)

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Hachie Gal said...

catching up on your blog...what I would give for ANY football right now :).