Friday, November 04, 2005

Just call me Missy McLucky

So, poor Dr. J has had this horribly busy week ... yes I even had to sleep alone one night while he practically pulled an all nighter. So last night I wanted to surprise him and go pick up a pizza (all the poor guy ever wants is fast food and that mean wife of his just doesn't go for it).

I'm standing there alone at Papa Johns waiting on my pizza to be done and this pizza delivery guy walks in the door, back from a round of deliveries. He starts to walk past me, but then he stops and he says to me, "Do you think you'd use these tonight? I'd hate for them to go to waste and I have to work", and hands me two tickets to see The Fully Monty at the Koger Center in downtown. It takes me a minute to realize he's just handing me a pair of musical tickets, to a musical that starts in an hour. I try to be polite and suggest that maybe he'll be able to go, but he insists. So, I thank him, get my pizza, and make my way home.

Despite the fact that Dr. J is already in his pajama pants, he doesn't want to pass up the free seats, so we scarf down a few slices of pizza, change our clothes and make our way down town. It's not until we arrive that we actually look at the tickets and notice they are in the Lower Orchestra Section. That's right folks, pizza guy gave us third row tickets to a musical.

We really enjoyed the musical, we both agreed it was much better than the movie by the same name. I have to admit though, we didn't actually expect to get the full monty, but get it we did, it was hilarious. Even conservative South Carolina seemed to agree. However, we were definitly reminded how red this state is during a particular romantic scene (a VERY quick one) where two of the guys that became friends almost kiss. The entire audience actually groaned and you could hear hundreds of very audible "oh god"'s! Now, obviously I'm not gay, and I don't anticipate moments like these, but COME ON! It's not like those guys were trying to kiss the men in the audience.

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