Friday, November 18, 2005

Lost thoughts

Am I the only person left that didn't like Ana Lucia before Wednesday night's episode and still doesn't like her? Aren't you all still pissed at her for shooting Shannon? I didn't see anything redeeming in her character this week ... I do like Eko more though. And I can't WAIT for the Bernard-Rose reuniting ... CAN'T WAIT!


Anonymous said...

We too can't wait for the Bernard-Rose reunion, but we REALLY want the Korean couple to get together so he can tell her what he has seen and she can translate it to everyone else!!! We also want a back-story on Ana Lucia. What is up with her being such a bully? Also, I know a fourth grader, CJ, who is as hooked as we are--he thinks he has it all figured out!
Too funny! Ang&Tam

Hachie Gal said...

OK, I have been gone from the US too long, and need serious TV rehab. Who in the heck are you talking about?