Monday, August 29, 2005

Pop This, Mr. Computer Man

So here at the U, even if you are a graduate student, they won't allow you to have administrative privileges on your own machine. Which means you can't do hardly ANYTHING during the day without having to call Mr. Computer Man. I even had to bring him in so I could use my jump drive. UGH!

And I have a personal preference for utilizing a pop-up blocker. Mr. Computer Man says I don't need one because he doesn't have one and it doesn't bother him, so no. How on earth can this possibly violate the university computer policies? It's not like I said can I please have a pop-up blocker that also allows me to download music illegally onto the university network? I'm thinking if I could secretly install a blocker on his machine and he can see how nice it is to not mess with ANY pop-ups, that I might win this battle.

I still need to figure out how to deceptively word the phrase, so how 'bout those instant messaging programs?

And why do computer men not feel the need to wear long pants at work? And why combo the denim cutoffs with a blousy Hawaiian tee? Is it part of their coursework to pick a decade and just go with it?

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Karo said...

I dunno about the other IM programs, but AIM has an express version that doesn't require downloads: