Sunday, August 07, 2005

More that Dance to their own Rhythm

I´ll have to start further back and work my way up to present time. There´s a story that the world really shouldn´t have to wait a second longer to hear, anyone who was at my wedding probably heard it, but it´s so classic, I know they´ll all still laugh when they hear it again. And again.

My "rehearsal dinner" was more of eating barbeque at a friend´s house in town, uber-low-key. Rehearsal ran a little late, imagine that, so we all showed up about 45 minutes late to the dinner and I felt awful since we had several friends that were just joining us for the dinner and had probably been waiting on us that whole time, hanging out with my friends that they didn´t know. They were amusing themselves, I needn´t have worried.

I have many friends that sort of just float around in their own little bubbles, paying enough attention to things to just get by and use the correct gender bathroom. One of them was heading up this group. She and her husband came with the husband and 10-month old of one of my bridesmaids. However, not having REALLY looked at the directions and only gotten the general idea of where things were, they stopped about 15 houses too early at the first party they saw.

Intruders: Knock, knock, knock. Hi! I´m Carm and this is my husband Dom and this is Heather´s husband Matt!

People who had all reason to be there: Great! Come on in! Help yourself to some food and make yourself at home!

So scuttles in the trio and baby who settle themselves into a few plates of cheese crackers and set up baby with a bib and some munchies so they can hang out to wait for the wedding party to show.

(THIRTY MINUTES PASSES. It should be noted that during this time the party photographer took their photo for the scrapbook.)

Trio decides to be more social, Dom´s off to get a Margarita, and Carm´s mingling with Matt in tow. So they start making the rounds...

People who had all reason to be there: So, whose baby is this?

Intruders: Heather´s baby.

People who had all reason to be there: OH! .... Who´s Heather?

Intruders: A friend of Amber

People who had all reason to be there: OHHHHHH!!!! ... Who´s Amber?

Intruders: The .... bride?

People who had all reason to be there: Umm ... we`re realtors.

(Matt and Carm left to clean up baby cracker crumbs while Dom bolts at world record pace for the door. More photos taken for scrapbook)


Karo said...

More updates! More updates!

*clambor, clambor, clambor*

Heather said...

That still makes my giggle...classic!