Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Things I don't understand

In no particular order. And this is no where near a complete list.

1.  Socks with sandals (this includes pantyhose with open toed shoes)
2.  People that put syrup, peanut butter and ketchup in the fridge (exception: all natural pb should be in fridge)
3.  The world's fascination with aliens that are slimy/green/have tentacles/one eye in the center of their head. 
4.  Leaving toilet lids open. Yuck. Seriously. 
5.  Tomatoes.  I really love them.  But you gotta admit they are strange when you really look at them. 
6.  Tomato sauce.  How on earth is that formed from tomatoes (see #5)
7.  Old Man and the Sea. I don't really want to either. 
8.  Freckles. 
9.  Why brown bubbling beverages look appetizing and thirst quenching.  I'm on board but it makes no sense. 
10.  People still sporting poofy bangs from the 80s. Is there another decade that a handful of people are clinging to?  How do you walk through target, not see anyone else sporting hair several inches above their frontal lobe, and not wonder if perhaps you've missed a decade?  Or three.  


A Bakers Bod said...

i think that is soooo true! i especially agree with the socks and sandals! I also can't understand why some boys think they can wear kaky cargo pants with a dress shirt at a wedding!!! it is truely awful! lol

Hachie Gal said...

OK....catching up on your blog. And yes, I do keep PB and ketchup in the fridge since we have no ACs in London, and they turn rancid on the shelf. Only reason, though.