Tuesday, January 18, 2011


We've spent the last 6 weeks-ish exploring the ins and outs of the baby food world. Personally, I'm loving it. My guys are night and day in personality, with eating and with pretty much everything else that life has thrown at them thus far.

Benjamin was closer to the surface in the womb and Lucas was behind him ... plotting. B pretty much sees life like an untrained, loved family dog. He loves life. Loves to laugh, loves to play, loves to eat, loves to poop, loves to sleep, loves to spit up, he's even been known to vomit and laugh. B loves sweet potatoes and avocados and squash- oh! how he loves squash! and oatmeal. mmmm .. sweet nectar of life, oatmeal. Everything that has had too strong of a taste is now surrounded by oatmeal initially. He still can't do a straight banana, but we are working it out. Green beans come saturated with Quaker's favorite, too.

Lucas. Dear, sweet boy, Lucas. As irony would have it, Lucas may have pulled his stubbornness from his namesake, my darling father. Lucas got tired of the womb and broke my water. He has screamed during tummy time, had/has record breaking constipation, battled and battled us to go to sleep at night, I have no idea how many times he has vomited - that wasn't worth keeping up with. I have said many times so far, God gave us Lucas to let us know we weren't hot shot parents, and gave us Benjamin to let us know it wasn't our fault.

Wanna know what the sweetest thing you've ever seen is? When I sing to them they beam from ear to ear. It got us through green beans today. It took Lucas 2 days of gagging and vomiting, but today, day 3, he loved green beans.

I'm determined to keep these boys from being picky eaters and teach them to cook from an EARLY age. There will be some amount I have no control over, but where I can, I'm gonna help!

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Mary said...

Love your phrase about being hot shot parents and L teaching you we're all in the same boat--no one is a hot shot parent. I especially love that B taught you it wasn't your fault :) I say something similar about Ty-I lived in, "What have I done?" for the first six months and then I was pregnant with Charlie. When she was born she was easy, happy, and slept a ton. I'd have freaked out if I'd had her first and then had Ty. I'd have taken him to the 'returns' department at the hospital.