Sunday, January 23, 2011

Close Your Eyes ...

And imagine.

A tranquil ocean. Just the quiet whisper of a breeze passing over the water. whhhhhhhhhhhhh. Just part your lips and blow. You can just hear it.

Then you see a magnificent animal break the surface. A tail of a great blue whale flips up into the air and comes crashing back down. Shattering the crystal waters. Maybe it's not a whale, but it's heavy enough and big enough to crash the waters. It's a fish, a big fish, about 17 pounds.

Wait. The tail has something on it ... it's covered by a a pale green fleece blanket. Nonetheless, it's rising and falling back down and the water is ...


The house is vibrating?

Dang it.

Benjamin is flipping his bottom half up into the air, and crashing down onto the bed, signifying he is done napping.

And so ends nap time.

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