Saturday, January 01, 2011

Happy New Year!!

I can't imagine having a more eventful year than 2010. I'm not sure it's possible to pack more than home sale, home purchase, tenure, twin pregnancy, preterm twin birth, twin NICU* and an 8 week old's surgery and braces and casts**. We've endured some unremarkable times in our past but 2010 overflows with moments that I pray I'll never forget.

As we are excited about this new year and all the fun it will bring, we kicked it off with a little paparazzi action courtesy of my friend Karolina who took some amazing shots of the boys today. Check out some snippets of our photo shoot. She is a Dallas area photographer, by the way, and yes, she is always this good.

I don't plan to have any weight loss resolutions, but I did have this dream the other night that I was back to my pre-pre-pre-pregnancy weight. Like back in grad school when all I ate was generic apple jacks and an occasional overstuffed taquito in the civil (engineer) diner. I don't suppose there is anyone that reads this that would do anything but stare blankly if I used TAMU civil engineering jargon, REGARDLESS ... those were rockin' taquitos.

Where was I?? .... oh yes, Back to 2011. Bring it.

* Yes, we are taking donations to pay down the medical expenses.
** And diapers.

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Erika said...

Two things...

One I find it hysterical that helicopter baby (Benjamin/Lucas, not sure) looks like you and striped baby looks like Juan. SUPER AWESOME! Second have you heard of Amazon Mom? I have found they have the best deal if you do the subscribe and save. I will call you this week to tell you all about it! (I know I sound like a crazy spammer but I seriously got size 6 Pampers for .23 a diaper. They are usually .40 a diaper.)