Monday, June 08, 2009

One Reason Why My Friends Love Me (aka Things My Friends Overlook About Me)

On Thursday of last week I went to Ashley's house to hang out with her and baby Caroline, and watch a movie ... and pop some popcorn. I still had some last minute things to do to get ready for graduation so I was munching on popcorn with my laptop in my lap and watching the movie.

Then I noticed a sweet taste in my mouth. My mind replayed that I had subconsciously picked up a crumb off my keyboard and ate it. I guess my mind also thought it was popcorn, except that I was done with that and had been for about 10 minutes. And apparently my mind thought that if it were popcorn that it would be ok to eat since it had sat on my "sterile" laptop to pass the time.

I am a notorious anti-germaphobe. But I usually don't put random crumbs into my mouth, particularly at homes with new babies. People, that's what I like to call a close shave.

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