Tuesday, June 23, 2009

It's Crazy that June is Over in a Week

How on earth is that even possible?? This has already been a crazy summer which is a nice change because up until now, I've been taking classes each summer. Now I'm completely certifiable ... err ... certified.

In a couple weeks I'll be on my way to San Fran for an all expenses paid trip to a Hydrogen Fuel Cell Workshop at Berkeley and I am totally stoked about it and I know how nerdy that makes me sound but I do not care in the least!!

When I get back from that workshop (and Dr. J returns from his 2 upcoming trips), his 17 year old sister who has recently graduated from her high school in Colombia is coming to visit. FOR SIX MONTHS. She'll be here through the fall, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years and will leave a few weeks into January. So we're going to have a teenager in the house, who speaks occasional English. Either my Spanish will improve immensely or her English will. I hope both, but truly, I simply anticipate much fodder for the blog.

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