Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Dr J totally kicks your husbands BEhind

I had a pampered chef party at my house tonight which was lots of fun and I made some yummy appetizers and margaritas to go along with everything. I'm also getting ready to leave town at about 3:45 tomorrow morning for a 17 hour drive to Dallas.

Why did I plan this event the night before I'm leaving? If you are even asking that question, you don't know me very well.

In any case, I didn't make good use of my day so I was really hurrying around getting things ready. Dr J got home from work and I immediately got him to start helping me.

Very long story very short - he waited on me and my friends hand and foot all evening and cleaned up after all of us. It wasn't planned that way, we just needed the help and he stepped in. He just doesn't get bragged on enough.

As a side note, there is a group of spanish speaking (likely) illegals that live down the street that all think Dr. J is employed by the white lady (gringa) to do her lawn.


Ashley Beth said...

Thanks Dr. J. It was a fun evening!

Rachel said...

AS I left, I told him what a great guy he was to do that! But in fact, he was just a great person - it transcended gender roles! He was great and always brought the brisket by me first!

Hachie Gal said...

hey...long time no see or talk! Had a great week at your folks place in May...we are ready for them to come back to London....any possiblity of seeing you and Dr. J in UK anytime soon?

allidaisy said...

I totally agree! Juan rocked!!!

Shelley and Barret said...

Ditto...it was so fun and Juan did an awesome job helping out!!

Courtney said...

The side note is hysterical. :) :)