Sunday, January 01, 2006

Introducing Professor McGonagall

Introducing Professor McGonagall

Whom you are free to refer to as simply Professor or Mona, but please, upon introduction, use her christian name.

Professor McGonagall and George

Here we see The Professor in all her might, defeating her most hated enemy, George the Mouse. Many of The Professor's enemies (aka playthings) are rejected hand-me downs from the I'm-above-such-childish-things-predecessor, Daisy. The Professor doesn't mind how long the enemies have haunted our home, so long as it is the desire of the Big Cats for her to defeat them.

Professor McGonagall in flight

The Professor has not yet conjured a strategy for defeating The Evil Vacuum, and the fact that she was forced to retreat behind the Guest Pillows is utterly humiliating for her. She won't accept this sort of imposed humiliation and has resolved to learn more about The Vacuum. Below you can see she and Dr. J doing some afternoon net reserach so she has a slight hand up in the event that Vacuum emerges. She fully expects to be on the defensive, until she has considerably more time to learn the ways of such a threatening foe.

Professor McGonagall studying


Hachie Gal said...

LOVE THE PHOTOS OF THE NEW BABY...keep 'em comin'.

Anonymous said...

I approve of the name choice. I think that you should dye spectacles onto her face to really complete the image.

Susie the Bear said...

Oh, she is quite the cutie!