Thursday, December 29, 2005

It's a Girl!!

my little jailbird

We bailed her out just this afternoon (maybe that's what grandmother meant?!) 12 weeks old, grey/tan with black stripes, has better than average computer skills, very purr-ey, snuggly, clingy, very stinky (and can't be bathed for 10 days due to yesterday's removal of the femal organs), wants to scratch everything (10 minutes in she'd poked 3 holes in the side of the leather couch) and very nameless. She has to stick around for a couple of days and we'll try on a few of the early bids (Dobby, Bennie, Priscilla, Alice). The naming auction is still open though, and you have gender direction now.

The best part? She's a lap kitty. She likes to stay there while I work. It rocks.


Anonymous said...

Well, Dobby is certainly free for you to use, but she doesn't look like a "Dobby"...Laura

Hachie Gal said...

well done...

Anonymous said...

A house just isn't a home until there is at least one pet to share it with.
Looks like you're doing well.