Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Now that I'm of the late-twenty variety, am I still obligated to report my grades to my parents?

Remember those days of yesteryear when you would go home at the end of a rough semester for the Christmas holidays, indulge on free food and free laundry at Mom's house, maybe go out with some high school friends with a 10-spot from Dad that felt like 100 bucks since you hadn't actually held 10 dollars in your hand that wasn't already predestined for laundry or groceries since the last time you came home to visit the parents? Yeah, me too.

Remember how exhilarating it was to finish your finals, pack up the car and drive home? And how you used to wallow in the freedom of having completed another round of coursework and how you didn't even care how you did on the final because you were just so glad to be done with it? And remember how you would wake up feeling completely relaxed and thrilled with the fact you didn't have to study that day, or do homework, or go to classes ... right up until the day that you could call in on the Automated Phone System that would give you your grade report for the semester and then you wish that you had studied a little more for your finals, and the fret and the praying would start all over again? I probably have a few readers who had to look at Posted Grade Sheets the next semester when they returned, or something very archaic like that. Today the hip kids (I think the mere fact that I call them The Hip Kids makes me Not Hip) are checking those grades online. And the grades pop in as the professor decides to post them. So I don't understand why my one teacher is holding out on me ... UGH! Although I can't imagine how distracted I would be if I still had finals to take and I already had posted grades in other classes ...

I wonder if I'm still entitled to that 10 bucks? Maybe I can finagle an extra 5 bucks since I'm married now. Or does it go down by $5?


Hachie Gal said...

Our archaic system was waiting for the grades to come in the mail.

As for the parental support after marriage, yes...it still occurs but in more obscure ways....picking up dinner when you all go out, catching your movie ticket, picking up some extra groceries while they are doing your shopping (oh, yea, that won't work for you)...and the best....drum roll, please. My mother saying, "I saw this XXX in the store and it looked just like you...best part it was on sale." Yea, right. Never fooled my Dad or Bud.

Missy said...

to fail by snail mail. that's gotta be the worst.

parents are just great like that. =)

Susie the Bear said...

Congrats on finishing the semester!