Monday, December 05, 2005

One Week In

Last set of house photos, I swear. I know some of you are interested and requesting photos but there are still others who could not care less.

Witness. Christmas is in full swing at La Casa, inasmuch as christmas can swing sans Tree.

I can practically hear the reindeer's footsteps clacking on my roof.

That's a little Leonardo Da Vinci via the History Channel in the background. A perfect Advent accompanyment if you ask me.

Yeah! The newly installed refrigerator hosting many a christmas treat (and many a Thanksgiving leftover)

If you squint through the darkness you can see a stack ... ahem ... a mountain of boxes and plastic wrap. That's the trash. Ready as can be to find a new home. Wonder who's job that is.

Unplaced decor stacking up in this room, on the bed and furniture. I'm sure it will be sorted last. It did help in upping the box count in the hallway though.

Forgive the poor photo. It's hard to see from this angle but there are pencil markings surrounding the perimeter of that shelf. That shelf there, the one that almost became the bane of Dr. J's existince.

The official study/work area. We are currently accepting donations in the amount of $25. No personal checks please.

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Hachie Gal said...

OK, firstly I love the new new blog look. May have to do a little blog page revamp after the New Year myself. Secondly, it looks like you have lived in this house for months, not days. Quite impressive.