Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Growing personalities

My guys are delayed in pretty much all developmental categories except for personality - which is and always has been STRONG. Incidentally, I fully predict that our cul-de-sac neighbors are in for a few years worth of naked boys streaking in the front lawn. I had no idea that nakedness was so fun. Or that pulling on your little man parts was so crazy addicting. I hear via the grapevine (my aunt) that they get this heartwarming trait from my cousin, Preston. I'm sure he's grown out of it by now - you know, being 30 and all - but I don't live close enough to him to know for sure.

Benjamin is a boy's boy the way John Wayne is a man's man. Loud. Rough. Toy thief. Why would he even consider crawling when jumping and bouncing is so much fun? This used to require a jumper. Now if you just balance him, he'll take care of the action. And watch out for your lower lip, he's already busted mine a couple times. This is one happy boy that you just can't get down. and a bottomless pit, he will not regulate how much food he needs. Ever seen a family with a 35 lb cat who just eats all the time because it's there? Yeah. Pretty much.

Lucas is like a menstruating teenager. He can be the most fun, the huggiest, the sweetest little boy you ever saw. Oh and he dances every time the music is on. That little mid-section just gets to going (PRECIOUS!). But then absolutely nothing happens and the fun is over with him. And it's horror film ugly. Of course, get him naked and let him yank on those man parts and back to happy. How many years do I let this behavior be acceptable? For all I know, men all over the world feel like this well into their senior citizen years.

Why do I feel like I'm gonna be revisiting this topic in about 13 years?

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