Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Bet you've never had this kind of surprise birthday

Dr. J's birthday this year falls on Father's Day AND both occur while we are out of the country. Incidentally, 11 days later is my birthday, the boys' birthday is 8 days after that and then our anniversary is (by comparison) a distant 22 days later.

We pretty much have Advent season and birthday season here.

Anyway, so this year I've decided that Dr. J's birthday is not on June 19, it's on a surprise day of my choosing. We will wake up and SURPRISE! it's your birthday!! He is completely aware that he has a surprise birthday this year and it is a fully planned event ... he just doesn't know of the event or the day that it will take place.


I'm getting super excited about it and Dr. J's anticipation grows with each passing day that isn't his surprise day.

What do you think? Would you love this or hate it??


Adam said...

This would undermine my "birthday week" philosophy, so I'm not in favor.

Brenna said...

I would love it! Unless the actually surprise day came after my birthday and then I would be tired of waiting for it :)

Missy said...

I'm with you Brenna.

You also have to remember that his bday and father's day are on the same day ... so here he still gets 2 days instead of one combo.

Unless you are Adam ... by the time he's 40 he'll have birthday month stretching to birthday season by mid 60s and finally the all encompassing every-day-is-my-day theory that most senior citizens have whether they know it or not.

Katie said...

I would love it because we are much like y'all are except ours falls in December. Chase's birthday, next day our anniversary, 5 days later Christmas and then the next day is my birthday. I would definitely be fan :)

Denise said...

My birthday, if on Sunday is always Mother's Day and now I share it with Caroline! I never minded Mother's Day - I just reminded the family (aka Tony) that I should get 2 gifts or one extra-special gift. I really like sharing it with Caroline, but I like your idea, very creative!