Thursday, April 29, 2010


This morning, Dr. J stepped back a little too quickly and almost knocked me and my decaf coffee over. The following then took place.

Dr. J: Whoa Mona! (because we have conversations by talking to the cat) I nearly knocked over a bus!!

Me: [stopped in place, slowly turned, furrowed my eyebrows]

Dr. J: [blink, blink]

Me: [stare]

Dr. J: I mean because you are carrying around two babies. [gulp]

Me: [blink, blink]

Dr. J: [smiling innocently] A smartcar??


Anonymous said...

Get him Amber! Laura

Tina said...

Ok, but seriously. That story is so stinkin' funny!

Erika said...

The ONLY and I mean ONLY exceptable thing to say to a pregnant woman is... You look great. I don't care what she really looks like, the hormonal imbalance can not tolerate any other comment.