Monday, April 26, 2010

Rollin, Rollin ... Rollin ...

It's hard to even think of a day of my childhood without my father singing the theme song to Rawhide (complete with the hi-yaw! and the whip sound). Right now, I can hear him singing it all the way from Hachie.

National Board Certification Portfolio Submission - check.

National Board Certification Test - check. (Passing score? Not so definite, we will see)

Offer on the sale of our house - check. (please, please let this work out!!)

Which means that pretty much everything that was out of our control has a check by it and we are about to be on a massive crunch to complete the finding of a house, purchasing, moving in, and finally ... getting ready for babies!!!

How many weeks have we until they arrive? 12 at MOST.

Gulp. .... and yay!!!

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