Saturday, November 21, 2009

You might hear a lot from me this weekend

I just called Ashley to find out what the weather is like and to have her describe her every movement. She's supposed to call me if the weather changes. I'm trying to be a good couch potato and I was looking forward to it all week long. I'm just not one to sit for so long. I think I'm gonna go hit the wii here in a bit, now that I've got my blog all pretty, and pass some mindless hours finding the rest of the bat canisters on Batman Lego (which totally rocks by the way).

I will leave you with this photo, because the Professor is totally cracking me up today. Last week, I got a pair of boots and decided we should keep the giant box because Christmas is right around the corner. Prof M LOVES herself a good box to sit in, so every chance she gets she looks like this ... sitting upright ... in the box.

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