Sunday, November 22, 2009


I got the following things done:

1. I ate two chocolate chip cookies and drank two IBCs with sugar in one day. This is a pretty intense amount of sugar for me. ok fine, and I definitely ate a bunch of pringles. and some cashews...

2. I got caught up on Ugly Betty (5 episodes), The Office, Private Practice, Grey's Anatomy

3. I prettified my blog. By comparison to the other things I did, this actually might have been worthwhile.

4. I watched a Christmas Movie on ABC Family / Lifetime (is there a difference when it comes to made for tV movies?) I can barely remember what it was about but I remember that I was so in suspense that I held in going to pee for a good 15 minutes in spite of the fact that we have a dvr and I could have paused it.

5. I read an entire book of the bible (a long one!). I wish I had time for that every day!

6. Cowboy Game (those are some seriously short shorts on the cheerleaders. I know they always have been but whoa, they just really got to me today, maybe it was the cookies)

7. Defeated another 3 levels of Batman Lego for Wii. All except for one evasive bat canister that me and the Wii are currently disagreeing over. I say I got it, Wii doesn't think so. It may win because it's a dictator and has total control, but it will never convince me.

8. A little smidgen of work done for my national boards. Boy am I going to regret that. All that nonsense and nada to show for boards.

9. I washed my hair (I got so little done that this seems very significant) ... I haven't straightened it yet so this process is hardly complete.

10. I finally got some overdue baby gifts bought online and shipped. I found this one super cute thing that I'd love to put here but one of the recipients tends to read this blog, so I'll keep it to myself (but it's a giraffe teether!!)


Rachel said...

love the prettiness on the blog! I usually just read from google reader but I clicked through to see it. My dad and brother went to the cowboys game today but I am sure they didn't have a good view of those shorts you're talking about!

Tina said...

I agree that the prettification of your blog should be on the productive list. Looks great! And the picture of you is BEAUTIFUL! Miss you, Amber!