Saturday, September 26, 2009

Latest Fashions

Yesterday, i was too lazy to get up and fix my hair, since the night before I had been too lazy to wash it. As most of you guys know, my hair is actually curly, and although I love it when it looks good on a good day, it just isn't reliable. And being the Type A control freak that i am, I just prefer to straighten it so I don't have to worry about it's own ability to perform.

That and I don't like to walk around with wet hair. Makes me look like a hungover undergrad.

So yesterday i wore my hair curly which caused much uproar and ruckus in my classroom. After the water heater blew in the gym, followed by the fire alarm going off and immediate evacuation of my school, I was standing in the sun, sweating and unable to put my hair up. Of course, the AC had gone out when the fire alarm went off, so once inside, i was teaching and sweating with no AC, with sweat-sodden curly hair that had looked so nice an hour earlier.

Finally I find a rubberband and put it up, against all the objections of my students that were either 1. enjoying the curls or 2. pandering for a better grade (just do your homework guys!). I still had a floppy mess of bangs and no safety pins, but being the resourceful engineer that i am, I found a solution and spent the rest of the day with two pink paperclips atop my head.



Tina said...

You rule, you trendsetter, you. :) I like it!

Ashley Beth said...

"Safety pins"?? I'd like to see that one too!

Anonymous said...

Cute! Laura