Monday, September 07, 2009

I love priceline

This month is full of interesting and fun, which is a nice change. Dr. J and I have been saying we needed to take Victoria somewhere a few times while she is here. She is going to Dallas with us for Christmas and will experience her first (and maybe only) 17 hour road trip.

This weekend (in 4 days) we are going to Asheville for the weekend. We got a good deal on priceline to stay at Doubletree in downtown next to Biltmore Estates, where .... as you may know ... they give you hot chocolate chip cookies when you check in. And if you are bold, like I am when it comes to warm cookies, they will give you more later. mmm ....

I am so looking forward to going. I intend to saunter a lot. And read in cafes, undisturbed while Dr. J and Victoria go check out Biltmore (I've been twice and it's $$$$$$ or I'd happily go again). Speaking of, does anyone know a way to get discount tickets?

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