Friday, July 24, 2009

You know when large businesses think they can screw customers because we are little and they are big?

I feel it my duty to warn others of those companies. I used ABC Distributing (catolog / online) for the first time this past month and was charged incorrectly. I thought it would be straightened out easily but gave up. I was forced to write the following letter to their website.

I am writing to state that I will never do business with this company again and will encourage others to stay away.

1. My billing was bizzare (3 separate charges for a single order), I was not charged the amount for shipping that was stated to me.

2. I looked at items in May, I did not buy them until several weeks later in the middle of June. I know because my car was stolen on June 19 ... I sat down a few days later after having some free time and then purchsed. Your system recorded my order date as May 30. That is wrong. It is bad business to put incorrect information like ORDER DATES wrong.

3. Your customer service rep I spoke to was reading excuses off a paper and kept talking over me. She transferred me to someone to help me with a credit card charge. This person was kind, but told me I should have gotten a refund from customer service.

4. You don't even have 800 number. I had to PAY for this useless phonecall.

5. I like my products, but this is a shady organization that cannot be trusted.

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