Friday, July 03, 2009


At lunch today, we received a certified mail letter from the Sheriff's Dept saying that our car was at XXX Towing. I guess that means it's found.

This past Monday we settled with insurance and have already replaced the car (the new one is grey, instead of red ... sniff, sniff). So insurance owns the car now.

But in any case, we got to see. It was fine. It was found at Big Lots in West Columbia. It's been smoked in and had cigarette butts in the front console, the Temporary Owners didn't take care to keep dirt and sand out of the car, and somehow they broke the rear windshield wiper and had it sitting in the back seat, but other than that, it looked good.

Even the gossip magazine I was reading on the trip back from Dallas were still in the car, and were definitely used. And my iPod was gone, but that was pretty much a given.

So what can we tell about our theives? They are Broadway Showtune / Celebrity Gossip loving smokers that like to buy discount household products probably because they do not bother to wipe their feet before going inside.

Anyway, I knew you all would want to know. I'm praying things are on the way up for us!