Saturday, July 25, 2009

This is hard to write

I want my friends to know, because I'm tired of making myself an outcast with so much unspoken between myself and my friends (whether they know it or not) ... and because Dr. J and I definitely need some serious prayer, but it's still difficult to just put it out there. A few of our friends are aware, but Dr. J and I are doing in vitro this month. Please pray for us, this has been a very long struggle even getting to this place. And since I just gave myself my first shot, we are sure to have a stressful month ahead of us.

I'll be on a lot of medication, so pray that I'm good at taking it and Dr. J is good at giving it. I'm not allowed to exercise, so I need another form of stress relief and I really don't know what that will be. And of course school starts this month (and we have a house guest) ... so it's just a lot. Don't get me wrong, I'm thrilled to take it all on. There is a pretty good chance I'll miss the first day of school, too. So in the next week, I need to get a LOT done in terms of school preparations.

I will try and post some updates, but I (actually we) do ask that you not ask about how things are going. It's hard to explain all of the emotions that you have leading up to and during this process. Most of the time, I'm pretty easily offended because, yeah, most people just say the wrong thing. If I could figure out what the right thing to say is, I'd let you know. So mostly we just ask for prayer.


krhagan said...

We're praying for you guys!!

Tina said...

Thanks for sharing, Amber. That was really brave of you. You guys have my prayers. - My sister went through the process, so I have a decent understanding of what you'll be going through. I'll definitely be thinking of you.

Hachie Gal said...

Prayer? Consider that done! Prayed for you as this was sent. On a seperate note, thanks so much for the lovely email update. We have been inundated ourselves with houseguests, so a reply update is coming soon. Spoke to your mom yesterday by phone to tell them "Bon Yoyage" for the Guatemala Mission trip. Of course, I was one day early, but the sentiment still worked. She told me of her new job as well...more later, chickadee! Bug hugs and kisses sent virtually to you and Dr. J.

Courtney said...

There is no right thing to say. I promise--I've heard them all, and at one point or another they are all offensive (depending on which hormones are raging, it's either I get mad or I start crying--or both).

Hang in there.