Thursday, September 18, 2008

Coulda been worse

I fell down at school today.  I immediately flashed to all the times that my mother has called to tell me that she fell down at school/walking/wherever.   Honestly I don't even bat an eyelash anymore because, let's face it, she's clumsy.  Sorry mom, but you fall a lot.  It's not normal.  Maybe it's all the soap you eat.

What made my tumble worse was that there was no one nearby that I knew.  Then we all could have laughed wildly.  Absolutely everyone that saw was a complete stranger.  And 18.  So they laughed after I left.  I'm probably on You Tube.  The custodians had just mopped and I was in my not-so-traction-saavy flip flops.  I hydroplaned in the hallway in front of my room and landed in a front herkie.  Except not so smiley and with less bows.  I popped right up like a champ, in fact ... now that I think about it, the onlookers probably thought I was break dancing.  I should have started singing some Flashdance.  Don't you hate you think of those things too late?

The wound count topped out with 3:  1)  the skin on the top of 4 toes on my left foot is gone. 2)  gash in my right fore-arm and blood (the worst).  Spiderman is currently taking care of that one.  3)  Pride, obviously.  *4) holding on to rights to add bruise to my arm / tailbone that is sure to surface by morning.

The up side is that I probably won't have to shave my left foot this weekend :)  That and I'm making my premier on You Tube.

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Rachel said...

I fell three times while I was a waitress - once with food, once with two pitchers of tea, and once on my own accord. I feel for you!

Hope no more bruises appear tonight!