Monday, September 15, 2008

Coughs and vomit

Enticing, no?

I have a cough as I do at least once a year.  It lasts forever and drives me nuts.  

On another note, I hosted a jewelry party at my house recently - something I was pretty sure I'd never do, but I thought, what the hey, let's go nuts.  A piece that I ordered from the collection came in broken so I wanted to order a different piece in it's place.  Everything is under warranty, so that should be simple enough, right?  

I'm sure it would be except when I went to hunt down the catalog I couldn't find it at first, but then I noticed some pureed looking catfood sitting atop the desk in our office.  Atop what appeared to be a few pages of what was once a magazine of some sort ... except that a good 30 pages had been eaten away in a ring like pattern.  Eaten away like only a strong acid can...

It appears The Professor seems to be having a little trouble with some hairballs.  Ones that may or may not have come up on the jewelry magazine.  

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Wilson and Jessica said...

Let me know if you still need to order and I can bring the catalog to Rachel's shower on Thursday!