Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Consider me your unreliable brother .... or a fair-weather friend

Well, Dr. J and I finally bit the bullet and got high speed at home. I feel like my life has transformed, but into a more sedentary version of itself. The upside of an unstable, slow connection, is that you only use it if it is absolutely necessary. The downsides are innumerable, but I'm catching back up on celebrity gossip quickly and I should be back on par soon. Thank. God.

Anyway, summer does give me more free time, much of which is in front of my computer since I'm in online classes, so I do plan to post from time to time. I know once school starts back, that luxury will be ripped out from under me faster than Professor McGonagall can tear a fly in half. And she'll do it too.


Walker369 said...

YEA! You're back!

Hachie Gal said...

welcome back! Have missed your clever repartee.