Tuesday, November 07, 2006

I don't ever check this site anymore so I'm not sure why anyone else would ..

But just in case, here's an update:

WOW. First semester of teaching almost through. I've nearly totally and completely burnt myself out in just a few short months. But the pace of working pretty much all weekend every weekend, and until 9 or 10 every night has a very short wick, you see. Throw in a few 8 hour Saturday classes with all the trimmings (aka homework), I have almost nothing else to report. Oh, wait, yes I do. In January, all my classes repeat and I won't have to wing it so much, and create notes completely from scratch day in and day out.

I am, however, having a great time, I'm just exhausted. Today is a day off for election day. Kudos to SC for making election day a holiday instead of Veterans Day. Don't get me wrong, I love the vets, but today seems so much more purposeful and with Veterans Day a mere 3 days away, I can give them an early shout out from here.

Two weeks from today is our last school day before Thanksgiving. Dr J and I aren't going anywhere; he's got grand plans to stain the deck and I've got grander ones of yoga and pedicures. We went to Texas about a month ago for my 10 year reunion (which was surprisingly nice!) and we are going to ColOmibia for Christmas so this will be our time home. And in case you are hoping to invite us to your Christmas party, you need to get that invite in the mail because our holiday social calender is all but chock full between now and the new year!

Now that this semester is almost under control, I hope to have a little e-time every now and then. It's starting to stay colder here (not cold, just can't run around in your knickers) which is good, and thank the lord that Mona has taught herself to play fetch. Fun and warmth all in one!

I do apologize to all my friends who have been e-neglected for several months. Congrats to all my friends popping out little ones in the next few months as well!!


Courtney said...

I still check it, but I have to confess it's usually to link to the Fug site. :) Glad to hear your semester is going well (i.e., you're still planning on teaching next semester so it must be going well). Second time around the classes is always easier! :) :)

Hachie Gal said...

yes, I actually check every so often, so to my wondering surprise...an update. Glad all os going well. Understand house leveling in the 'Hachie went well. Happy Turkey Day!

Anonymous said...

I was so glad to get your Christmas letter. I read it aloud to Marshall and Bert. Marshall smiled and clapped a lot! We are still hoping to send out "Holiday" cards..
Will make this short - Glad to hear you're doing well. Hope 2007 is GREAT! Miss you.