Friday, March 17, 2006

this doesn't make me a basketball fan, but i do love the ags!!

I was listening to NPR this morning and I hear something about Texas A&M on the radio ... any mention of Aggieland within earshot of me makes me perk up. I ask Dr. J what they said, and he says something about them winning a basketball game.


Texas A&M is in the NCAA tournament?!?

How do I not know this? Granted, I'm not what you might call a basketball enthusiast, I consider the winter months and early spring as the break between football and baseball. Maybe it's because I grew up in Dallas in the age where you couldn't pay people to go to a Mavericks game (I remember a joke about someone's car getting broken into where someone left a pair of Maverick tickets on their dash) and the pale skinned, vertically challenged Aggies that composed our basketball team while I attended was supported, they are Aggies after all, but they definitely weren't considered a serious competitor, more like an excuse to go somewhere with that cute guy in Chem Class. While I was in the Midwest, I was often accosted by people with attacks that the Aggies had lost so Ha! Ha!! And I'm all, it's February, you mean like women's rugby? And there's certainly no way I'd get news here beyond how Carolina and Clemson are doing unless I go hunt it down myself and like I said, it's March, so why would I?

So, way to go Ags!! Way to surprise the hell outta this Aggie!! Good luck in the tourney!!!

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Erika said...

How did you not know about your underdog Aggies? God love 'em, they beat a five seed and lost to a four seed by one point. They deserve your basketball love.