Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Rugs, Beavers and Chupetas

What's a Blimplie? Or Blinky? I can't totally remember but there is some word that everyone on the planet seems to use for pacifier and they are always asking Lucas, Awwww ... did you lose your Blini?

First of all, that little man is not very dependent on his Blingy but that's not a real word anyway. I grew up calling them a "P" so if I was going to go all anacronym on my kids, I'd totally use that one. And why do people think they should superimpose their non-words in our home? I mean, we have plenty of non-words that we use in regular language, but we aren't non-word-pushers, you know?

The title refers to three non-words that are regularly used in our home, all of them refer to baby gear of some sort. Peek in the comments for the answers. Yes, all "created" from Dr. J's misuse of the English language and his wife's need to chastise him for it.


Missy said...

Rug = rag. like baby washcloth. It seems like he was pretty close here, but he just consistently kept calling them rugs, even after correcting him.

Chupeta = pacifier. ok so this is spanish for P. and oh so fun to say.

Beaver = burp cloth. I have no idea why he called them beavers. Pretty great though.

Brenna said...

That's too funny! No, Binky's here but I think that's what people call them :)

krhagan said...

I knew chupeta! Hilarious though...especially beaver. So not what I was thinking.