Tuesday, October 05, 2010

A New Hope

Sunday when we were flying around the house trying to get ready for the boys’ first day in nursery, Dr. J picked up the bouncy seat with somebody* in it and starts making engine sounds. As he is walking away I hear him tell what’s-his-face** something about a spaceship and I immediately start trying to intervene.

How about a plane?? Does it have to be a ...

Dr. J interrupts about the time I say “does” and shouts back “there are no wings!! It has to be a spaceship!!!”

God help us. They’ll have spock ears before they can walk. Yes I realize my post title references Star Wars, not Star Trek. If you even knew that and were offended by the liberty I took, you are part of the problem. I suppose there are those that will side with Dr. J on this. (this still supports my point though)

* this is what we call either of them when we are in a hurry and can't think of who is in front of us

** this too. Amazing how quickly we got to this point.


Tina said...

My mom used to shout out all her kids names when she wanted me: "Kim, Em, Be, Tan, Nhung, Thuy!!!" Then eventually I came.
"Didn't you hear me calling you?" she asked. "Yeah! Right after you called me five other names that AREN'T MY NAME!"

Geesh. Get it right, parents. ;)

Mary said...

Hilarious. Love your honesty!

Anonymous said...

"There are no wings. It HAS to be a spaceship!" Hilarious!