Wednesday, December 23, 2009

My Date in Dallas

About a month ago, Dr. J asked if he could take me on a date while we are in Dallas.

Date stop #1 ...

Yes, indeedey, there could only be one location for our date. And yes, these are the posh "paper towels" on top of the granite countertops that reflect a beautiful Dallas Cowboy blue when the light hits it just right, inside the new Cowboy Stadium.

And since I only had Ivanka to take photos with, you'll have to bear with me as you squint your way to see the lockers of Miles Austin, Tony Romo, and Jason Witten ... made of African hardwood.

Unfortunately, I didn't get a photo of JJ's (Jerry's) private elevator that ports him from his private nook to the field in a matter of seconds ... so he can speak with Coach Wade about what a great job he's doing.

We actually had to skip out on the last stop on the tour (the Cowboy Cheerleader's locker room) because we had a dinner reservation. Seriously, I had nothing to do with this. I think those girls are just so wholesome. In any case, we had dinner at Five-Sixty, the restaurant on the floor above where our wedding reception was. How romantic is that!? Five-Sixty gets its name because it's 560 ft in the air, on a rotating floor so you get great views of the skyline. It's in Reunion Tower, a Dallas landmark, that made for a beautiful wedding reception locale.

See the "ball" shaped tower on the right? Our reception was there in 2005, on the bottom of the rotating floors, the restaurant is one floor up and was just remodeled a few years ago. I highly recommend it, if ever you come to town and want to splurge. We had beautiful views all evening and the food? Wow. Too die for. Did I mention the chocolate souffle that we finished the evening off with?

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Rachel said...

If the light hits me just right, you will see my slight shade of green with envy! Sounds like you had a great time! Merry Christmas from Columbia!