Friday, December 11, 2009

The Crazies

So Wednesday night, there was this guy that was straight out of a SNL skit that mocks the crazies who go out to dinner alone, at 5 pm, and murmur themselves. I actually snagged a picture of the scenario when he got up for a refill (right before I ran for my life).

Picture me at 5 Guys next to This Guy:
- white guy, mid-50s with a combover
- has four LARGE ketchup containers lined up in single file
- ever fry he ate was dunked into each of the four ketchup containers (in order)
- he alternated the dipping direction with each fry. One fry starting with the furthest ketchup container and coming towards him, the next fry started with the closest ketchup container and went away.
- when the fry cup was half empty, it was refilled from the bag

I'm so grateful that my darling husband met me for dinner so I didn't add to The Crazies. Maybe I did though. Perhaps he's blogging about me right this very moment. My hair did look really, really scary, but I didn't see a mirror for another 2 hours.

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