Thursday, August 20, 2009

This was so tacky, But I was laughing inside the whole time

We have been trying to correct a problem with our credit card number on one of our bills for the past 6 weeks. This was my fifth attempt and it just sort of made itself available when they sent an automatic call to me today.

After some time on hold, I got to speak to a salesperson and explained the entire scenario to her. It probably took me a full minute to explain. To which she replies, could you speak up, I really can't hear you.

Uh .... you couldn't hear my minute long explanation and you are just now mentioning that?


(this was on my home phone that works extraordinarily well in sound quality)

So, I raised my voice. To a level that was just below screaming at the top of my lungs and proceeded to have the calmest, loudest conversation I've ever had for the next 10 minutes. And she still hasn't fixed our problem, but oh how I'm laughing inside.

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